Master The French Braided Updo In 4 Simple Steps

missy sue hair

Photo: missysueblog on Instagram 

Whether you’re attending a wedding this season or preparing for prom, the classic French braid can easily be transformed into an effortless updo. If you’re looking for a flawless hairdo for the ultimate springtime evening, try taking your beauty cues from this tutorial which merges the classic braid with a refined high bun style. Here’s how to master the French braided updo in a few foolproof steps.

1) Brush your locks back into a high ponytail: To start crafting a flawless hairstyle, pull your tresses up into a smooth high ponytail and hold your hair in place with an elastic band. Next, add a hair donut over the hair elastic to prepare your locks for the next stage of your hair makeover.

2) Create a skinny braid and weave this into a thicker plait: For the following step, take a section of hair from your high ponytail and weave this segment into a skinny braid. Continue weaving this skinny braid into a loose, pancaked plait, and gradually integrate surrounding sections of hair into the woven braid.

3) Knot the braid in place and adjust the braided segments with your fingers: Continue plaiting your braid and then use a hair elastic to knot it in place. Next, use your fingers to slightly loosen the braided sections for a textured effect.

4) Wrap the braid around the hair donut and secure with bobby pins: Once you’ve perfected your braid, gently wrap it around your hair donut and use a series of bobby pins to keep your new high bun under control. As a final step, spritz your entire hairstyle with a strong hold hairspray to maintain your elegant new style.

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