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Contouring With A Ruler- Is This The Latest Beauty Trend?


Photo: hudabeauty on Instagram 

Although the trend of contouring is now a well-known beauty technique which has been adopted by countless makeup lovers, it seems that there is always a new update on the trick. In her latest move, beauty blogger Huda Kattan has introduced a ruler into her contouring regimen.

On Instagram, Kattan shared a video clip of herself posing with a flashy pink ruler. In order to achieve a symmetrical visage, the beauty guru begins by contouring her cheekbones against the ruler. Next, she moves the ruler up to her forehead and continues to apply makeup.

For beauty lovers who are still working on their flawless contour, incorporating a ruler into your regimen may be a perfect way to display those enviable cheekbones. After all, the straight edges of a ruler can help you achieve a strategic, fuss-free contour without the hassle of having to remove smudged makeup.

Here’s a closer look at Kattan’s Instagram video, for anyone looking to embrace the emerging trend of ruler contouring for Spring 2016.