Cleanse Your Locks With These Easy DIY Hair Treatments

By: Emmy Gnat 

Everyone knows winter dries out your skin, but did you know it could make your hair seriously dull? It is typical to neglect our hair and feel only the need to shampoo and condition it, but truth be told, like any other part of your body, it needs some one on one spa-like attention every so often. Take these two key hair refreshing treatments to breathe some life back into your hair as we settle into springtime temperatures.

Hair Repair Treatment


Once again avocado to the rescue, seriously, what can’t this super fruit do? This simple four-ingredient concoction is designed to bring your hair all of its essential needs in order to feel rejuvenated. The egg is for our scalp to add more moisture and protein. The avocado, the powerhouse of this recipe, is to add strength and shine to your hair – the olive oil adds this as well. The split ends are sealed with the honey, which is a natural humectant. It may look unappealing in the bowl, but this magical creation is sure to bring life to your winter-damaged locks.

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Dry Shampoo

Happy young woman looking silky hair while blow drying at home

It’s possible some days to cut in a body shower, but there are times when dry shampoo is your only savior. This new product trend that makes your hair look clean when it’s realistically four days post shower is the ultimate beauty hack. The basis of dry shampoo is to put powder in your hair to absorb the oils. Two helpful powders that are tried and true are cornstarch and arrowroot. Also, some retail dry shampoos contain really odd and toxic ingredients like propane. It’s a lot safer and cheaper to make your own. All you need are these oil absorbing powders and you’ll look as fresh as spring – unless Mother Nature has caught on to the dry shampoo trick…

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