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Hair Essences- What To Know About This Korean Beauty Innovation


Photo: muktilim on Instagram

If you’ve been hunting for a solution for keeping your locks nourished and healthy, you may want to consider bringing hair essence into your beauty regimen. While this hair fix might be a staple in Korea, it looks like this must-have is quickly making its way from Seoul to North America.

Hair essences are lightweight liquid products, which can be combined with other styling solutions and used to produce a gorgeous mane. On Instagram, Asian beauty mavens have been sharing snapshots of themselves posing with these products and their resulting enviable, smooth strands.

The essences have become an essential in Korean hair salons, where they are making a splash in a variety of scents. From fruity fragrances with notes of apple and mango to options enriched with camellia oil, there seems to be an essence for every beauty lover.

In an interview with Marie Claire, Soko Glam co-founder Charlotte Cho explained the usage of these essences.

“Hair essences are similar to the essences you put on your skin because they’re very lightweight—they’re not heavily oiled serums,” she said in a statement to Marie Claire. “They really help with shine, volume, and making your hair feel soft.”

Here’s a closer look at the various examples of hair essence-enriched locks, which are quickly sweeping social media.


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