Master Smokey Eye Makeup For Spring With This Tutorial


Photo: larlarlee on Instagram 

As we settle into spring, prepare to swap your dark grey and beige eyeshadows for rosy hues and lighter colour palettes. However, the smokey eye is still set to reign supreme this season, whether you’re hoping to darken your daytime beauty look or stun with a sultry makeup look for the after hours. For a seductive finish, here’s how to achieve a flawless smokey eye in just a few simple steps.

1) Prepare your skin with primer and concealer for a perfect complexion: If you’re looking to prepare the surface of your visage, use your fingers to apply primer. If you suffer from dark under eye circles or blemishes, use a liquid concealer to fake the look of perfect skin. Apply an eyeshadow setting powder on your eyelids in order to prep your lids for an eyeshadow application.

2) Apply warm bronze or light brown eyeshadow: To start crafting your makeup statement, use an eyeshadow brush to apply a light brown or bronze-coloured eyeshadow. Slightly smudge the shadow for a natural effect.

3) Add a layer of plum or berry-hued eyeshadow and a pink eyeshadow: Next, bring a new dimension to your look by layering an application of darker shadow in a refreshing plum or berry-toned colour. Using your eyeshadow brush, slightly smudge out the eyeshadow and extend the shadow past the corners of your eyelids. Continue creating a gorgeous eye makeup look by blending pink eyeshadow over the two existing colours.

4) Gently blend a subtle streak of silver eyeshadow at the corners of your eyes: To accent the rich shades which are already on display, bring a touch of silver or gunmetal shadow into your beauty look. Carefully apply a hint of silvery grey eyeshadow at the corners of each eyelid. Lightly layer a pale pink eyeshadow over the rest of your shadow statement to allow your eyes to pop.

5) Enhance your eyes with black gel liner: After you’ve created your stunning eyeshadow, define your eyes by lining your eyes with black gel eyeliner. Create a thin winged effect with the liner. At this point, you can also apply a pair of dramatic false eyelashes or accentuate your natural lashes with a double coat of mascara. Next, use a kabuki brush to lightly apply liquid foundation for a smooth glow.

6) Define your cheekbones with a subtle natural blush and outline your lower eyelids: To highlight your cheekbones, use a rosy light pink blush. For a finishing touch, use a dark plum eyeshadow to trace under your lower lash line and complete the look with a hint of black powder eyeshadow or eyeliner. Showcase your sweet pout with a pale pink lip gloss to keep the attention on your beautiful, effortlessly smudged eye makeup, and enjoy your new look!

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