Glitter Cut Crease Eye Makeup Is Officially Ruling Instagram


Photo: cammuniz on Instagram 

For makeup maniacs who are set to embrace bold sparkling eyelids for Spring 2016, it looks like welcome beauty news is in the air. A rising trend known as the glitter cut crease has quickly been taking Instagram by storm, and is making waves among beauty lovers.


Photo: loganbberry on Instagram

Staying true to its name, this eye makeup look brings a shimmering spin on the cut crease technique, which involves the use of contrasting eyeshadow in the creases of the eye. The look of creased eyeshadow is meant to add definition and create a striking, eye-catching makeup statement.

On social media, glitter cut creases have been making a splash in a variety of shining hues. From bronze and iridescent luminous hues to bursts of punchy pastel blue and lavender, beauty addicts are adorning their eyelids in true shimmery style.

In fact, Oregon-based beauty blogger Haley Wright recently posted a short Instagram video which demonstrates the glitter eye crease application process. She starts off by dusting the eyelids with a soft peachy eyeshadow, and then gradually darkens her eyeshadow look with complementary shades. Wright then uses glitter liner to highlight her creases, and applies the liner with a winged effect. Next, she adds black liquid liner to further enhance her eyes.

Here’s a closer peek at the Instagram tutorial, for beauty mavens who are looking to achieve a bold glittery crease this spring.