Get A Pretty Flower Braided Hairstyle For Spring


Photo: YouTube

With Spring 2016 in the air, it’s no surprise that beautiful blossoms will soon enough be making a splash in gardens everywhere. However, as we await warmer temperatures and the arrival of true springtime blooms, embracing the season’s floral trend just may revitalize your beauty statement. For a spin on the classic braid, we are loving this trendy flower inspired plaited hairstyle. Whether you want to update your locks for work or play, here’s how to achieve this hairdo in a few simple steps.

1) Start off by creating a skinny diagonal braid across the back of your head: To launch your gorgeous new look, first ensure that your locks are tangle-free and silky smooth. Next, take a diagonal section of your hair across the back of your head, and craft a skinny plait.

2) Pull another section of hair back into a thicker side braid: Next, take a slightly thicker section of hair from the opposite side, and braid into a flat side braid against the side of your head. Continue braiding this segment across the back of your head in a diagonal formation.

3) Include strands from the other side into your braid: As you reach the back of your head, start off by taking strands from the opposite side and integrating them into your diagonal braid. Continue to braid until you reach the end of your plait, and then pin the braid in place with bobby pins.

4) Carefully style your braid into a twisted, flower inspired roll: To complete the effect of an easy floral braid in your half-up and half-down hairstyle, roll your braid into a winding, wrapped roll. Gently loosen the thicker sections of your plait with your fingers, and then use several bobby pins to hold the style in place. While you may not be able to escape to an enchanted garden, you can always channel the look of a flower child with this simple boho chic braided ‘do!

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