Easy Easter Nail Art To Help You Spring Into Spring


Photo: jauntyjuli on Instagram

With Easter weekend on the horizon, beauty lovers will soon be swapping their typical French manicures for luxurious pastel shades and whimsical designs. Whether your weekend involves stocking up on chocolates or visiting family out of town, Easter nail art is a perfect way to capture the spirit of the holiday. Just in time for the transition into spring, try incorporating this charming manicure idea into your festive beauty look.

1) Start off by painting your nails in multicoloured pastel shades: To kickstart your manicure, begin by applying a series of confectionary hues to your fingernails. Use shades of lavender, pastel blue, white and light pink.

2) Use white nail polish to apply bunny ears to your nails: Next, adorn the surface of your painted nails with streaks of white nail polish applied in the shape of tiny bunny ears.

3) Dust your nails with white flocking powder for a fuzzy effect: In order to achieve the look of fuzzy bunny ears, add a light coating of white flocking powder over each nail art design. This arts and crafts powder will help you achieve the look of soft nails, while bringing an extra creative layer to your manicure. Use a nail art brush to perfect your fingertips, and brush away any lingering dust.

4) Add pink nail polish to the inside of the fuzzy bunny ears: For a finishing touch, use pastel pink nail polish to decorate the inside of each of the fuzzy ears for a playful finishing touch. Next, coat the nail art with pink flocking powder and brush away any excess dust.

5) Apply white flocking powder to your white fingernails: To complete the look of your white-painted fingernails, dust more white flocking powder on the surface of the nail. Use a nail art pen to craft a tiny, intricate bunny face, using shades of green and pink polish.

6) Dust extra pink powder on your pink nails: For a truly sweet, fuzzy effect, finish off your Easter-ready manicure by coating your pink fingernails with extra pink powder. Enjoy your new look, and get ready to embrace the seasonal spirit in the air with your gorgeous nail art.

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