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Quilted Nails Are A Luxurious New Manicure Trend


Photo: pastrolina on Instagram

While the cozy and seasonally appropriate trend of sweater nails may have announced its arrival earlier this winter, a new nail art look is set to take over fingertips this February. Quilted nails have officially taken Instagram by storm, and have started leaving their mark in a variety of bold hues.


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For style conscious nail lovers who have an obsession with classic Chanel handbags, this new manicure trend will certainly be a winning fit. As an updated spin on sweater nails, quilted nails are textured and bear a resemblance to the iconic couture purses.


Photo: obviouslyits_mynails on Instagram 

In an Instagram video, nail enthusiast Jeshika of obviouslyits_mynails shared a short tutorial which guides mani maniacs through the trend. According to her, quilted tips are achieved by preparing your nails with two applications of a base coat. Next, the nails are sealed with a fast-drying top coat and a matte top coat. To get an edgy quilted effect which channels the runways, use a flosser and carefully use the tool to create an indented design in your partially dry nails. Once you’ve crafted your fashionable quilted lines, complete your nail statement with a matte top coat.

Here's the tutorial! ?? If you're going to try these nails, it's good to plan to do them over a couple times like I did ? The first two times I tried, I pushed too hard into the polish and exposed my nail. Here are the steps: 1) Apply 2 coats of the base color 2) Apply a fast drying top coat and let dry completely (this will ensure that you don't go too deep–that's what she said) 3) Apply a matte top coat and let dry for 2 minutes 4) Use a flosser (mine's a dinosaur) and gently press into the semi wet polish to create the pattern. My flosser gave a weird textures look so I slid it back and forth a little to make the lines smooth. 5) Use your matte top coat as glue and stick the caviar beads at each intersection and DONT apply a topcoat. I used a dotting tool to press them firmly in the polish P.s. My index finger and pinky have a gradient but the colors didn't match so I changed them and made them plain and glossy #videotutorial #quiltednails #nails

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Creative nail enthusiasts can also experiment with faux gems, glitter and a single quilted accent nail contrasted against a classic manicure. Whether you want to capture your inner style icon or simply replace your nude nails for a classy and cool alternative, this just may be a new trend to try now.