Hair Strobing- What To Know About This New Technique


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For hairstyling lovers who are looking to revamp their flowing locks this season, it looks like the latest trend of hair strobing has officially made its grand entrance.

Although beauty addicts may already be familiar with the makeup strobing trend which recently made a splash, hair strobing involves illuminating your locks as opposed to your visage. More specifically, this technique is the process of arranging strategically placed highlights in your hair in order to flatter your individual features.

According to Marie Claire UK, hair strobing was first developed by hair colourist Nalan Derby of Andrew Jose Salon in London, England. The effect of strobing is said to bring attention to special facial expressions, whether the highlights are meant to soften harsh cheekbones or place the focus on your eyes. As part of hair strobing, subtle, piecey highlights are added to the hair for a natural, illuminating look.

In fact, the trend has already become popular among celebrities such as catwalk stars Gigi Hadid and Jourdan Dunn, who are sporting effortlessly cool strobed tresses.

If you’re aiming to literally “highlight” your favourite features, bring warmth to your skin tone or show off your flawless natural brows, then it may be worthwhile to request hair strobing at your next salon appointment. In the meantime, here’s a closer glimpse at the latest hair colouring trick to leave its mark in the beauty world.


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