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Copy Scarlett Johansson’s Stunning Retro Makeup And Hairstyle From “Hail, Caesar!”


Photo: IMDB

In Joel and Ethan Coen’s new comedy drama film Hail, Caesar! (which opens in theatres today), Scarlett Johansson dazzles as a gorgeous 1950s actress named DeeAnna Moran. We are loving the 31-year-old star’s fierce red lips, porcelain complexion and platinum blonde curled locks. If you’re aiming to capture DeeAnna’s fabulous retro hair and makeup for your own weekend beauty statement, here’s how to achieve an inspired look at home.


1) Apply liquid foundation and cream-based concealer for a perfect visage: To start off your makeup look, prepare your skin by applying liquid foundation with a kabuki brush. If you’re aiming to hide dark under eye circles or spots, use a hint of creamy concealer to hide the evidence of not quite flawless skin.

2) Outline your eyes with black liquid eyeliner and add mascara: Copy DeeAnna’s striking vintage eye makeup by applying black winged eyeliner to your upper eyelids. To instantly create a similar doe-eyed effect, curl your eyelashes and add a double coat of volumizing black mascara. If your lashes are sparse or thin, you can also apply false eyelashes to achieve Johansson’s flirty, wide-eyed look from the film.

3) Complete your look with a fire engine red pout: For a truly vintage inspired statement, add a touch of bold scarlet colour to wrap up your beauty look. If you have a dry pout, try exfoliating your lips with an easy at-home scrub (such as a brown sugar scrub). Next, outline your lips with red lip liner and carefully dab on a matte bright red lipstick for an unforgettable sultry finish.


To channel your inner ‘50s Hollywood starlet, start off by neatly combing your hair and creating a sharp centre part. Next, start by winding sections of your hair into tight pin curls, with approximately four to five columns across your crown and three to four rows back. Secure your pin curled locks into place with hairstyling clips. Repeat this process for the sides of your hair, along the base of your neck and the back of your hair. Once you’ve unclipped your pin curls to achieve tightly curled locks, use your fingers to gently comb through the strands. Brush out your curls with a styling brush, and create a hint of volume at the crown with a wide-toothed comb. Backcomb your locks for additional volume, and spritz the hairstyle with high hold hairspray to keep your new look in place.