Our Favourite Effortless Ponytail Hairstyles


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For beauty addicts who don’t always have the time to craft their curls or blow dry their tresses, a classic ponytail is the easiest way to inject some style to your locks without looking like you just jumped out of bed. If you’re looking to perfect this simple do as your go-to solution to tame your bed hair and flyaways, try these stylish ponytail hairstyles to freshen up your nine to five daytime look.


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1) High Ponytail With Loose Curls: For beauty addicts looking for a quick and easy hairstyle to get them out the door in the mornings, opt for this simple ponytail that will give you glamorous locks. To create this look, slick back your hair in a high ponytail and secure it with a hair tie. Once secured, take a few pieces of hair and wrap it around the hair tie to conceal the band. Then taking the ends of your hair, curl them with a medium-sized curling barrel and finger comb them to create luscious, loose waves for an added bounce to your sleek hair.


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2) Double-Sided French Twist Ponytail: Update a simple ponytail with double-sided French twists to give your mane a chic, new do. Start by parting your hair down the centre and taking one side of the hair to create the French twist. Take a few strands from the part and begin twisting it, grabbing more sections of hair as you work your way towards the back of your head. Then once you’ve reached the centre of the back of your head, secure the twist with bobby pins. Do the same on the other side until the twisted locks meet the other tail. To finish the look, pull the rest of your hair back to your nape into a low ponytail and use a flat iron to smooth out the ends. This is great for those days when you only have a few minutes to spare to get your locks flawless.


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3)  Side Ponytail With One-Sided French Braid: Adding a braid to a classic ponytail instantly infuses some style into your tresses. Whether you’re a braiding pro or not, this side ponytail with a one-sided French braid is an easy way to get an effortless style. To achieve this look, sweep your hair to one side to create a side part. Then take a small section from the part and divide it into three smaller sections. Braid down the side of your head, making sure to grab strands to create the French braid. Once you’ve reached the bottom side of your nape, use bobby pins to secure the braid. Then take the rest of your hair and pull it into a low side ponytail to finish the look.