Tom Ford Releases New Line Of Lipstick Pens For Spring 2016


Photo: loveforskincare on Instagram

For beauty addicts looking for their next favourite lip shade for the New Year, Tom Ford Beauty has released a new line of lipstick pens that claim to simplify the process of achieving a perfect pout.


Photo: Tom Ford

The Patent Finish Lip Colour collection is set to hit the shelves in February, and has taken its inspiration from Tom Ford’s Spring 2016 runway collection. Unlike traditional lipsticks, these lip pens are said to make it easier to get flawless lips. The new pens claim that they can be used by clicking the bottom of the pen to push the gloss into the small sponge tip for easy application. This allows for better precision when applying the lip stain and can also be used to line your lips.

According to Lauren Levinson, an editor at Popsugar, the formula is said to be light, glossy and moisturizing and delivers intense pigmentation that lasts through the day. It is also said to be formulated with the same sweet vanilla-marshmallow scent of Tom Ford’s original lipsticks. The lip pens come in a variety of shades, from bright coral pink hues to dark aubergine shades.

Will pen-shaped lipsticks set a new trend in the beauty world, as makeup devotees switch from their classic lip products to emerging shapes? While it may be too early to tell if Tom Ford’s new lipstick pens will make a splash among makeup lovers, it’s clear that the format of the traditional lipstick is officially changing.

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