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monochrome look could serve you well here, especially if you try some- thing in a shade of pink. From blush to magenta, it’s the one category we can’t get enough of when it comes to colour, and monochrome is always a bold statement.
Keep the shoes simple though; you don’t want to look like you tried too hard, and you’re still at a barbecue after all. A  at sandal is always a good bet, and slides or slippers are the epitome of casual cool. Choose something that’s a clashing colour to the rest of your out t for extra im- pact, such as metallic gold with a blush pink out t.
Finally, let’s not forget about the most obvious venue for summer parties: the beach. Now this is the place for dresses, especially in light- weight cotton and  owing A-line shapes. Lace, embroidery and ruf es are all appropriate here. You can go for shorter lengths, but a midi dress with high slits has a very romantic appeal too. Make sure you bring a wrap to stay warm as the evening breeze wafts in, choosing a style that won’t be too delicate if you decide to use it as a beach towel. As for foot- wear, it’s safe to say that your feet will likely be going commando, so a pedicure would be a good idea.
Summer dressing has in nite opportunities for pushing fashion boundaries. Just remember to be creative, try new things, and don’t be intimidated by trends. Most importantly, leave the bodycon dresses out of it.
SteLLa Mccartney

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