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If you watched Cabin Pressure Season 1, you’ll have seen our trials and tribulations as we trans- formed a cottage in Muskoka. For Season 2, we turned our attentions to Haliburton and bought a ramshackle  xer-upper. A big job? And then some...
First things  rst: The exterior. We kitted out the entire house with a dramatic jet-toned glazing program. Next, we re-shingled the roof before cladding the entire house using grey-toned Cape Cod siding.
To embrace the outdoors, we wrapped a Western Red Ce- dar deck around the house with glass and metal perimeter railings. Dressed with a wicker patio set, it’s where we spend most of our time when the Ontario sunshine plays ball. The propane-powered  rebowl is an asset that comes into its own when temperatures dip and the dark sky show- cases its twinkling constellation of stars.
Erecting a screened porch was our next major job. A dreamy granite  oor sets the scene for a comfy wicker
framed sofa and woven occasional chairs. It’s one of our favourite rooms and, as it features bug screens, we laugh in the face of an entomological attack as we party with friends and family. May ies? Mozzies? Do your worst!
Cleaning up our cottage act to the max, we turned our at- tentions to the former laundry, which was magically trans- formed into a guest bedroom. (New washing facilities were moved to the basement.) After tearing off the pine cladding, we replaced the window with a huge  xed panel and a door that affords access to the deck. A cute wee ta- ble and chairs, positioned in front of the window, trick the mind into “seeing” extra perceived space because of the additional function.
Next up? A spot of upcycling that we tackled using dis- carded boards from our old dock. Sanded back to life,  tted wall to wall and shelved, they make a commanding state- ment in the rebirthed guest space. Overspend on a project? Not us!
An Ikea double bed with drawers in the base ampli es

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