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storage, and dressed with space-saving bracketed “night stand” crates—and attired with HomeSense throws and pillows—the tangerine and brown vignette is atmospherically redolent of cottages from days gone by.
The guest bedroom complete, it was time for Cabin Pressure “Game of Thrones.” Let’s be honest: This bathroom, as we found it, was a stylistic and visual washout. And with carpet? Yuck.
But we can  x anything. To streamline, we speci ed  ush mounted pot lights and, space being compromised, energy-ef cient under  oor Warmup heating. Softest graphite marble proffers an indulgent feel, whilst dreamy ebony- toned taps and storage niches are cute  nishing details. Sweet, huh?
To serve as a vanity below the new window, we cut live edge hemlock into a tapered wedge and topped it with a stone sink. Further visual “sof- tening” comes from the wood-topped stool and the naturally shed deer antler found in the forest surrounding our cabin. Details, right?
Next up: Another guest bedroom. To increase “connection” to the great outdoors, we installed an outsized window. A dramatic move, perhaps, but just look at that transformation! To serve up a modern aesthetic, we opted for white painted drywall “topped and tailed” with timber. The brushed oak  ooring is hardwearing and attrac- tive, the oiled 8-inch boards adding a heritage vibe.
A wooden bed suffuses the guest chamber with
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