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strappy since you’re relatively covered elsewhere.
Our next stop heads away from the city and out onto the water. We
all love a good boat party, and while boats often bring breezy images of cute dresses and windswept hair to mind, the reality can be quite differ- ent. That breeze can be downright strong and the temperatures tend to drop even more as the sun goes down. Your safest bet? Culottes. You’ll still have the feeling of wearing a skirt, but without the risk of giving everyone a show—plus there are so many options available right now. Whether you’re going with a solid colour, like navy or white, or an eye- popping  oral pattern, there’s no downside to choosing culottes.
Keeping in mind the dropped temperatures, consider wearing a light- weight knit on top. Hold on, knitwear to a party? That’s right—but knit- wear doesn’t have to be boring. Ruf es are currently everywhere, so consider wearing a bright summer colour with plenty of embellishment. If ruf es feel too girly for your style, a cut-out shoulder can have just as much impact. A  tted shape will also offset the volume of the culottes nicely.
As for footwear, this is a good opportunity to embrace the mule trend, which will pair well with culottes. A block heel under three inches will also ensure that you don’t go tumbling around on bumpy waters, and a nano crossbody bag will keep your hands free for those hors d’oeuvres passing by.
Of course, no summer is complete without one of our favourite pastimes: outdoor concerts. Imagine sitting under the stars, watching a beloved band play while drinking wine, or getting right up to the front
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