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Summer nights
of the crowd, so close you can almost touch the lead singer. Either way, you’re about to get a little dirty.
Whether it’s grass stains on your bottom or sweat from the proximity of an enthusiastic crowd, you’ll want to stick to wearing clothing you won’t have to worry about. This is the perfect place for denim shorts, as concerts rarely have dress codes and it allows you to sit freely if you have lawn seats. A little  oral embroidery on the shorts will be a nice on-trend touch as well.
A satin printed top that doesn’t cling to the body will help keep you in the mood, allowing you to cool off when you’re jumping along to the music. Keep your feet happy too with embellished white-on-white sneakers—bonus points for a slight platform that helps you get a bet- ter view. Try to leave your handbag home if you can  t your essentials in your pockets, but if you really need something more substantial to carry your goods, don’t scoff at the latest throwback trend: fanny packs. They’re hands-free and easy to keep an eye on in crowds.
If you thought your concert out t could take you through to a back- yard barbecue, think again. Instead of denim shorts and printed tops, barbecues are a great place to play up a bit of understated glamour. Think about it: You’re probably around a large group of people you know, and you have easy access to comforts like seats and washrooms. So go ahead and wear white jeans, maxi dresses and that  oppy hat. A
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