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New wave
fRoM the neW bob to next LeveL beach haiR, ceLebRity haiR exPeRtS DAviD BABAii and MicHAel cAnAlé bReak
doWn the hotteSt tRendS of the SuMMeR.
by Catalina MaRguliS
There’s no time like the summer to  aunt your stuff. Fortunately, the warm, sunny weather brings the best out of us—except, perhaps, when it comes to our hair.
No matter. The look now is relaxed and laid- back, so don’t sweat the small stuff and instead embrace your natural curl.
“It’s summer. We all want to rest, whether it’s taking long naps or lounging at the beach or pool. And your hair wants that as well. Just rest, let it do what it’s meant to do by itself. Even if you do it one day a week, you’ll see [a differ- ence],” says hairstylist David Babaii, whose cli- ents include Gwyneth Paltrow and Kate Hudson.
in the cut
Right now short hair is in the air. “There’s a
revival of the bob, but longer, and more blunt, using structured haircuts, versus a shag or lay- ered cut,” Babaii says. “With the right products and tools, you can still create that beachy, wavy look...I think girls are like, ‘It’s too hot, cut this off. I’ll grow it out after the holidays, after sum- mer,’” he says.
“A lot of clients nowadays, because of the aggressive colours over the past couple of years, are cutting off damaged ends, to the shoulder and collarbone area. We’re getting a lot of bangs now too,” says Michael Canalé, colourist to the stars, whose A-list clients include Jennifer An- iston and Carolyn Murphy. “A lot of actresses are going shoulder length right now. Models too. Even J.Lo. They’re trying to make their hair look healthy,” he says.
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