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coLour your WorLD
The healthy approach to hair is also informing the season’s colour trends. “More people are paying attention to the products they use and the over processing of their hair,” says Babaii. “They’re maybe skipping a colour session for highlights or letting their roots out a little bit more. They’re being more cautious with their hair.”
As a result, Canalé sees balayage taking a back seat. “You can do it two or three times, maybe. First one’s good, second time you may have to repaint and sometimes they overlap, third time you start getting some damage. It’s the most aggressive blonding technique right now. That’s why foiling is always a go-to— it’s less aggressive and more accurate; it won’t break your hair off,” says Canalé, who recom- mends going to the same hairdresser so there’s a history of your colour, especially when going from blond to brown or back.
Rather, Canalé sees us easing away from balayage to a more updated verison. “[We’re] trying to get more roots in now, but keeping the front a little bright, and the back rooty, then blending into the blond in front,” says Canalé, who prefers highlighting the hairline to bring out features, then blending out.
“I’m a real root kind of guy. I love roots— dark roots with blond hair, with an ’80s feel but better,” says Babaii. “I mean, it’s not okay if roots are seven inches long, but an inch and a half is  ne. Then if you need to, you can pick little pieces of highlight around your face, or in the back you can do the parts that really show and let the underneath have a vacation,” he says.
Ombré too is on its way out. “We’re mov- ing away from ombré—that six inches of dark and 12 inches of blond, two level colour,” says Canalé. Instead, he says, stars may still have blond ends, but it’s broken up with dark hair so it’s not a solid look. “It’s an easy one to get rid of when summer’s over; you can just cut the ends off. When we’re doing kids and high voltage colour, we’ll do tips so we can cut it off when they go back to school,” he says.
“Maybe you have ombré at the bottom and it grows darker with spots of lightness through- out the top, as if summer’s over and it’s resi- due from the sun,” says Babaii. “It’s still om- bré, but there are great highlights around the front of the face from the roots down.”
When it comes to colour, “Reds are fun
right now,” says Canalé. “A lot of people are doing red tones. There are so many reds you can pick; you just have to pick the right one for your skin colour.” He cautions that it’s a high- maintenance colour, however. “Red is always fun but it’s the hardest to maintain, especially in summer, as the sun has a natural bleaching agent, so you want to wear a hat,” he says.
Instead of a particular colour, though, Canalé sees the coolest thing right now as glosses. “You can use gloss to protect your hair from the sun, you can use it to enhance colour. You can do a copper colour that brings out red, for example. It’s good for subtle changes. And it keeps hair healthy. They seal into the hair for a few weeks, they  ll up a cuticle layer and re ect the sun. It acts as a barrier to the col- our from the sun, and really intensi es shine. Glosses are our biggest deal right now. I love glosses.”
Overall, Babaii adds that he’s seeing less processing in hair. “It’s summer, let’s let it chill for a while, let the hair rest,” he says. “With my clients and friends, during the holi- days, they’re at the beach, or in St. Bart’s. The sun is going to do it anyways. I have my girls water their hair down and use a deep condi- tioner before jumping into the pool, to protect the hair from chlorine and sun. It’s about tak- ing care of your hair more than worrying what the colour is.”
in StyLe
When it comes to styling, while ponytails and braids have ruled the runways these past few years, topknots seem to be moving to centre stage. “I think the topknot has replaced the po- nytail for now,” says Babaii. “I’m seeing a lot of texturized topknots that don’t look like the old crunchy, scrunchy topknot; it’s cooler.”
Still, for summer especially, beach hair reigns. “It’s not that perfect Kardashian wave,” though, warns Babaii. “I like girls who don’t look like they’ve spent too much time on their hair; I’ve never been a fan of perfect hair. I believe in a good haircut and wash and go and add a bend here, add a bend there, call it a day, versus spending hours making sure your curls go in every right direction.”
To get the look, beach spray is essential, says Babaii. “Spray all over, fall asleep with it, wake up and spray a little dry oil all over, then grab a curling iron and put a little bend on it in random directions—not matching left and right side. Leave some straight pieces; ends
are always straight. As if you were at the beach all day,” he says.
Another look that’s popular right now in- volves big, glamorous curls. “We’re actually doing more of the loose curl this summer, with more people wearing their natural curl. It’s perfect for summer, casual, wear to the beach and you’re still going to look good,” says Canalé, who sees this as an almost—egad— permed look. “It’s a big, looser curl, like the early 1980s, late ’70s. It goes with what’s in style now—the gypsy look.”
To get the look, Canalé says to turn hair over and use styling agents, grab hair and as it dries, push the curl into it. You can then touch hair up with a curling iron. “In the salon, we would actually do a curling iron set, with tight loops on the side, then we turn hair over and shake it loose for a real glamorous loose curl,” says Canalé. “Take a hair accessory and pull it up a little bit. [Or] you can wear your natural curl and then clip it up a bit. It’s one of the prettiest looks right now.”
tooLS oF the traDe
As for styling product and upkeep, Babaii rec- ommends switching up your product for the season. “In summer, it’s warmer, less dry, and we’re sweating more, there’s more oil on the scalp. So instead of using a hydrating sham- poo, use a smoothing shampoo. And make sure you rinse your conditioner off well; it’s not supposed to be left on your hair.”
For summer, Babaii likes to keep things light. “I think a nice light oil is a great thing,” he says. “I’m not a gel person. I like mousse— I love to use a mousse and wet it, especially a UV protection mousse, and let hair go wild. I love a good hairspray. I like a dry shampoo, if it’s a good one.”
A word of warning though: “Do everything in moderation,” says Babaii, meaning don’t use too much. “I’ll give clients and friends products and they’ll say, ‘I’m done’ and I’ll be like, ‘That’s supposed to last you six weeks!’”
“The main thing is healthy hair; you have to keep your hair in the best condition. You can’t work on damaged hair,” says Canalé.
Babaii would certainly agree. “Give your hair some love,” he says. “Find the right thing for your hair and treat your hair good. Buy the right tool that you can afford, and use better product. Take care of yourself.” There’s no better time than summer to take some time out and do just that.
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