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Who are your beauty role models
or icons?
I would say my mom is a beauty icon in my life. My mom is a great role model. She’s beautiful and so cute, and is always so pulled together. She’s an English teacher and she always dressed beautifully; she has impeccable taste and wears a little bit of makeup. Her life is about her family, students and she serves the church. What brings her purpose is really substantive stuff, and it brings her joy.
Another beauty icon I would say is Viola Davis. I love everything about her. Her acting is extraordinary; she has a gift. To see who she is in the world and the conversation she is having. She talks a lot about her role in television. She embodies this kind of con dence that I really admire.
What are your skincare tips for the
summer months?
With Suits co-star Meghan Markle
SPF! I cover my kids in it too. Wear a hat!
 eld. The people who have done my hair a lot of time send me home with great conditioning treatments themselves and tell me “put this on
At the Canadian Screen Awards 2014
your head and go to sleep, I’ll see
Tell us about your best secrets for maintaining your hair, especially in summer.
I like to deep condition my hair a lot. I sleep with my conditioner. Another thing is I put the conditioner in, and then I go to hot yoga. Sometimes I even sleep with coconut oil in my hair. My hair gets worked a lot; so on the days when my hair doesn’t need to get worked, I put conditioner in it and put a hat on. My hair goes off-duty!
Did you pick up any beauty tricks and tips on the set of Suits?
You’re surrounded by experts in that
You’ve got such a busy schedule!
How do you stay  t?
It’s hard to  nd the time and the scheduling for it. My husband and
I, both of us work really hard, crazy hours and we have our kids. We’ve sacri ced our date night to be a night that frequently starts with some kind of workout. We go to yoga together, or we work out with a trainer and try to do it together. It’s actually kind of fun. We go hiking together. We sort of have more active dates, rather than trying to always go out to dinner. Four o’clock in the afternoon, go for a hike. That could be our date.
Sarah Rafferty on Suits
At Schitt's Creek premiere
you tomorrow.”

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