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The star of the show Suits, former Real Style cover girl Sarah Rafferty is best known for her role as the clever and glamorous Donna Paulsen. Away from the screen, the gorgeous red-haired actress (who graced our Spring 2015 cover) is passionate about a realistic and wholesome approach to beauty. Rafferty is the celebrity ambassador for Dove Canada’s new Look How Far We’ve Come campaign, which aims to promote high self-esteem among young girls. A busy mother who is constantly in front of the cameras, the star is a  rm believer in embracing one’s inner beauty. As someone
with regular access to the best hair and makeup artists in the business, she also has plenty of insight into outer beauty, especially the world of skincare and hair. Real Style caught up with our Beauty Insider about
her new Dove campaign, her tricks for maintaining her locks and her favourite ways to keep active.
Tell us about your new Dove
I’m a mom, so I really appreciate the work that Dove is doing: expanding our view of what beauty is and changing the conversation. I’ve joined the Look How Far We’ve Come campaign, which is a celebration of the Dove Self-Esteem Project. It highlights the difference that you can make in a young girl’s life when you support self-esteem, and help her as she navigates any
for how I look. If I spend a lot of time worrying about that, I’m really going to be a miserable person. It’s not going to be a joyful place. Instead
I try to put my focus on what I can control, which is my work, telling the story, being present in the scene and connecting. Being human, we crave connection. All this anxiety about beauty, it could be something that holds us back. I would go
back in time and have more of that conversation with my childhood self.
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kind of beauty-related anxiety. It really speaks to Dove’s commitment to women and to supporting girls. They are playing the long game, which I really appreciate as a mom.
What is some beauty advice that
you’d give to your younger self?
I think I would really focus less on externals, and more on the internals and the part of the conversation that I can control. As an actress, I work in an industry where I am scrutinized
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