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Lead Stylist at Redken Canada
What are your tips for working with second day hair?
day two and three hair is when you have the best texture. For braids, knots and twists, it’s easier to manipulate. Your bobby pins will actually stick. Try a quick little half-up and half-down or a com- plete updo, but not too formal and being really organic. one of my favourite things is wrapping hair up in a different way. You have the texture, so it’s easier to work with.
What are your must-have hair products for Summer 2017?
I’m loving Redken’s Fashion Waves Sea Salt Spray. A good texture spray is always awesome. For dry shampoo, we have a Two day extender. The trick about
dry shampoo that people don’t realize is that they put it on when their hair is already at that point of no return. What you want to do is when you’re fresh and come out of the shower, put it on then. That’s when you get the most lon- gevity out of your hair. It’s always been a hairspray world. Right now, we have Wind Blown 05. It’s a light hairspray, but it’s got char- acteristics of the dry shampoo, so you can keep re-applying without that buildup.
What are your favourite runway hair looks of the season?
We are seeing accessories, for one, but not just your everyday accessory. We’re seeing mate-
rial in accessories. Anything can be an accessory. Some people are stepping out of the box and turning something simple into something a little more creative. With a ponytail or a bun, add a certain type of accessory to give it a story. The illusion of a wet look and that scrunchy vacation curl, we are seeing a lot of that move- ment. When I say wet; it’s not actually wet, it’s product. It’s not all dishevelled beach waves; it’s getting a little bit re ned again. The braid is kind of changing. Now you’re seeing more knots, twists and roping effects, different ways to gather hair instead of tradition- al braiding.
With the rising popularity of all-things athleisure, it’s no wonder workout makeup has hit counters. These sweat- proof products aim to get you from
the gym to work, dinner and even an event without re-application. Products range from waterproof mascaras to tinted moisturizers with SPF that, aside from sweat-inducing workouts, are also perfect for warm summer days. Whether you’re working out at hot yoga or enjoying a day at the beach, these products promise to stay put.
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slEEk & MiNiMAl
For many of us, the heat and humidity of summer make it hard to style hair. Lucky for us, sleek and minimal hair is this season’s hottest hair trend, making for a hassle- free summer. Designer Brandon Maxwell chose a sleek high ponytail for many of his models at this year’s show, while Tanya Taylor was inspired by natural, air-dried hair. To channel a youthful vibe, Oscar de la Renta played with the juxtaposition of wearing a low ponytail with a designer dress. Try rocking your natural locks or pull your hair back into a sleek high or low ponytail. Remember a little hairspray can go a long way.
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