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[played by Tom Taylor] and I play his mother. She has her own struggles with trying to make ends meet and trying to be the best parent as well as make her own decisions, to be able to choose the right path for her family. There’s a lot of sacri ces,  nancial but also emotional, to deal with a boy coming of age.
rs: that sounds very different, almost an opposite type of role from lagertha. how was it playing this part?
kw: It was very contemporary, no 20 minutes of changing into costumes because of all the lace and craftsmanship. It was very different. If anything, I tried to  nd strength in this character and a sense of connection that I feel she might have. It was an exciting opportunity to get to shoot in Cape Town too and now I can call it one of my favourite cities in the world.
rs: what makes Cape town one of your favourite destinations?
kw: You can just literally be up in the mountains within 20 minutes of being downtown. Also, you can have a glass of wine in the vineyards or you can go to a local safari.
rs: now that you’ve got Vikings wrapping up and The Dark Tower coming out and expected to be a hit, what are your upcoming projects?
kw: I just got cast in a new movie that I’m very excited about. It’s a period drama based in the 1960s and ’70s and shooting in Miami and Puerto Rico.
RS: Where do you see yourself in  ve years?
kw: Hopefully doing more of what I love
to do, which is working with incredible  lmmakers and actors. [I will] hopefully branch off to more  lm or epic television such as Vikings, because this show [represents more] moviemaking than television.
rs: it seems that you’re expanding your range. you’re testing yourself as an actor and going for different kind of characters. is that where you see yourself?
kw: I do, especially after playing Lagertha now for  ve years. There’s nothing more exciting than trying something new and different types of my personality, in a different era, a different time period, a different persona. That’s why I became an actor.
katheryn Winnick

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