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to balance out their proportions. For anyone with a shorter torso, a lower waist (below the belly button) can lengthen your upper body. A higher waist will draw the eye up toward the bodice, and accentuate the bustline.
“Be sure that the bra top offers the right amount of lift and support. The waistband should  t comfortably; make sure it’s not too tight. You could also wear a ruched bottom to camou age a little tummy,” she shares. The Shan founder also recommends that large-breasted women wear a V-neck suit, with thicker straps and underwire support. Meanwhile, a bandeau bikini can emphasize the bustline of a pear-shaped woman who is heavier on the bottom, and create a more streamlined silhouette.
if you are ConCerned about a few problem areas, you can always sculpt your lower body before slipping into a high- cut one piece or bikini. Staying true to the retro ’80s revival theme, Turk recommends a solution that  ts the decade that has inspired this season’s swimwear. “Look up Jane Fonda’s ’80s workouts and get going on the butt and thigh series!” she quips.
Whether you’re looking to conceal or  aunt, Summer 2017’s swim- wear seems to offer something for every taste. From modest designs to barely there pieces that will always seize attention, dressing for the beach has never been more accessible. As we look forward to sun, sand and surf, we may as well shed the layers and jump right into the deep end— sculpted abs or not.
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18 Real Style Summer 2017
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