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“Choose something you feel comfortable in,” says Richards. “I think
great style is ageless and often we tell ourselves we can’t wear that any- more. Go swim shopping and try something [you] wouldn’t normally try, and hopefully you’ll be surprised with the result.”
for anyone who is CurvaCeous on top and looking for additional support, a two-piece may be a more viable alternative to the trending maillot. “Women are all so different and as much as we try to cut to enhance all their curves, we are anything but standard,” Rich- ards says. “For larger-breasted ladies I would suggest a two-piece, as it generally offers more support up top.”
Richards is also captivated by Summer 2017’s ruf e, knot and tie details, which can accent any suit and create visual interest. One oft-de- bated trend that has made a splash this season is the provocative high-cut bottom. If dated images of 1980s models and blond bombshell Pamela Anderson in her iconic red Baywatch suit come to mind, rest assured: The new and improved high-cut leg isn’t just for the ultra-toned life- guard.
When it comes to sporting this look, Richards cheekily offers her best advice, which seems to be her mantra for wearing just about any swimwear. “It’s a look, so wear it with your best smile. Con dence is always sexy!”
According to Lévesque, every woman should wear high-cut bikini swimwear because it will complement any  gure. She says that women with longer torsos should try a high-waisted and high-cut style, in order
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16 Real Style Summer 2017
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