Page 11 - Real Style Spring 2020
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Charlotte McKinney
Charlotte shares some of her favourite things.
FOOD: “I’ve been using this meal service plan and it’s all plant-based, super organic, and farm to package. It’s called Sakara Life, and it’s delivered to my door. I’m obsessed with it.”
FITNESS: “When I’m traveling or don’t have much time to get to the gym, there’s a brand called Bala. They are ankle weights, hand weights, and bootie bands. I can do these anywhere. I think they’re perfect for the stay- at-home mom who can’t leave home or for anyone who doesn’t have time for the gym. It keeps me focused with my workouts.”
FACE: “For my skincare, I use Dr. Barbara Sturm. She’s a friend of mine and her products have literally changed my skin. I swear by her hyaluronic acid—I put it on my face everyday. I take pride in trying to keep my skin perfect, but I definitely have my times when it’s not. I love a good facial and I like to stay on top of all that.”
FASHION: “They may already be out of style, but I just love a small handbag. I can only fit like half of an Altoid in them, but it works. BY FAR makes these cute little handbags and they just complete an outfit. And they’re very nineties.”
FUN: “I like to work out in my down time. I like to do hot yoga and hot Pilates. I’m obsessed with sweating whenever I can. Besides that, I enjoy going out to good dinners, travelling when I’m not busy and spending a lot of time with my family.”

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