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 From auditions to her social media presence, McKinney is definitely up for expanding her reach, including online, by launching a YouTube channel, as early as April. “I feel like on Instagram, you just kind of see pictures of me and you don’t get to see my personality,” she says. “I’m really just a mellow person and don’t need too much to be happy. I guess I’m not as extra as I look online, maybe.” Her Insta- gram feed features not only the usual (and gorgeous) glam shots and work highlights, but showcases her penchant for all things health and wellness related.
In fact, McKinney says if not for acting, she’d be in the wellness industry, and is currently collaborat- ing with activewear brand ARX LAB on a workout bra for ladies who like herself, are well-endowed. On supporting (pun intended) that cause, McKinney
shares, “I have a large chest and I always have a really hard time finding good, fitted workout bras that I feel like I can do cardio in, along with other things.” She previously co-designed a swimwear collection with GUESS and lacy underthings with Wolf & Whistle.
Glimpsing into her personal ‘styling closet’ as she calls it, McKinney references one bedroom in her two-bedroom home, with enough space for a bed, racks of clothes, “an over-the-top [number] of shoes”, and purses. “I think that’s where I need to start cleaning my closet out: my shoe collection. I love shoes,” McKinney admits. Obviously, no judgement here! However, on fashion, she favors comfort over trends. Workout gear over denim. “I like the feeling of being able to move around in my clothes. I hate jeans. I truly can’t,” McKinney pro- fesses. And this year she vows to approach dressing through more of a sustainable lens. “I’ve been re- ally getting into wearing vintage stuff. There’s this brand called What Goes Around Comes Around and it’s just vintage that you wear and you can bring back. I think it’s really important to be more sustainable now. You know, if you wear something once, don’t throw it away, keep wearing it or give it to a friend.” Positive change for her, hand me downs for everyone else. Win-win.
From sharing clothes to advice, McKinney of- fers this on the most valuable lesson she’s learned as a woman in Lalaland: “Standing up for yourself is really important. And being true to yourself—not falling into something just because everyone else is doing it or telling you to do it. And, it’s difficult, and I’ve definitely fallen into things or situations you don’t want to be in.” But that doesn’t seem to be the case for her next role. On things to come, McKin- ney announces, “I also have an indie film coming out this summer that I’m super excited about,” be- fore creating some more buzz, “If there are any Ca- nadian agents out there, that want to sign me, I’ll get dual citizenship and we’ll make it work [laughs].” You heard it here first.
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