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Marc Jacobs Features Pastel Dreadlocks And Eye Makeup On The Spring 2017 Runway


On the Marc Jacobs runway, rainbow-coloured dreadlocks and shimmery pastel eye makeup was officially en vogue. At yesterday’s New York Fashion Week Spring 2017 show, models strut the catwalk with decidedly bold hair and makeup

The signature beauty statement on display involved multiple woolen dreadlocks which were crafted by Jena Counts and hairstylist Guido Palau. The faux dreads made a splash in shades of lavender, pale pink and other rainbow hues, and were expertly woven into models’ upswept locks.


Meanwhile, Spring 2017 makeup at Marc Jacobs was the work of Nars founder François Nars. According to the beauty brand’s official Instagram account, the looks on display consisted of six different pastel eyeshadows, false eyelashes and natural-looking brows. From vivid green lids to pops of silvery sparkle, the eye makeup on the runway was a shimmering sight.

amazing show @marcjacobs

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Kendall Jenner also stormed the catwalk for Marc Jacobs, swapping her usual sleek brunette tresses for the show’s edgy signature hairstyle. The 20-year-old model shared a quick video on her Instagram, which featured her walking the runway and sporting the eye-catching and edgy beauty look.

Will pastel-toned dreadlocks and iridescent, colourful eyeshadow make a statement for the season ahead? While this may be a look which is best suited for the runway, we can’t deny that the vivid locks and bright eyelids at Marc Jacobs certainly seize attention!

Photos: Vogue Runway 

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