5 Travel Tips That Will Help You Save Money


A recent 2015 RBC Travel Poll has shown that one of four millennials (ages 18 to 34) love their travel perks such as staying in a fancy hotel, eating in gourmet restaurants and (surprise, surprise) shopping in luxury stores. So how do you, our luxury loving fashionista, get to live out your champagne tastes on your – chances are- beer budget? Check out some travel tips that will save you money.

1.Create a travel budget/book attractions ahead of time:

This should include all potential and anticipated expenses: flights, transfers to airport and to lodgings. Food for 3 meals a day and going out. Tickets to attractions, transportation in the city and out of the city. Put the maximum amounts and then look at every way you can save some money from that budget which you can use towards your ‘perk wish list’. Careful planning ahead allows you to take advantage of the ‘early bird specials” for a number of attractions from Walt Disney World to Euro-rail and hotel bookings. This even includes tickets to museums and other must-sees. Often booking way ahead will not only save you money upfront, it can also save you a long wait time at the venue or event itself, as your pre-arranged tickets will be waiting for you. You can access almost any institution/museum or attraction, in any part of the world, by contacting them via email or through online or in app purchase.

2. Get A  Premium Travel Credit Card:

In case you don’t have a premium travel credit card, look at getting one now. Many offer a sign up bonus which can amount to considerable savings off your next flight. Many of the best ones in Canada also carry a premium price of up to $120.00- but if you are a savvy consumer- you know this is well worth the  splurge.

Here is how it all works. Pay up to $120.00 for a premium travel card, and make sure to get one where there are no blackouts and you can get flights on every airline. The sign up bonus once you are approved, can amount up to $350.00 off your next flight. Next consider the savings on travel insurance, which can range from medical, to trip interruption, to auto rental- depending on what you would need, the insurances alone can amount to over $100 per trip. So let’s do the math: $350.00 + $100.00 = $450.00 in potential savings minus your $120.00 investment and you are now $330.00 ahead- pretty good odds if you ask us.

“Check the perks available on your card” says Glenn DeSouza, vice president, Retail Cards, RBC  ‘such as hotel upgrades, or a concierge to secure those hard to get tickets or reservations. Look to book your flight or trip on points and then you can use the money you saved on the flight for those special indulgences such as a spa day or purchase. With our RBC Avion cards you can even pay with your points for those treats, by converting the points into cash. We find that many of our clients like the convenience of the seamless point redemption for travel as well. As they can just go online and book any airline and any flight they wish”.

3. Look into travel clubs with your vehicle provider or CAA:

Being a member of a travel club can often get you an additional 5 to 10% lower rate at the major hotel chains. If you are planning to rent a car abroad look into getting an international driving permit. CAA states ” When accompanied by a valid driving licence, the IDP can be used to drive vehicles for tourism purposes in many foreign countries”. Make sure the travel club membership will cover you if you require any roadside assistance in a foreign country as well.

4. Buy a bundled mobile plan and download travel apps:

Get a data, voice and text plan that offers a combo package to the destination you are going to. This will save you from a nasty ‘roaming’ bill surprise coming home. Download travel apps that can help you book a hotel, flight, taxi on your mobile device to use in a hurry – and are two of the more popular ones.

5. Travel Light:

Consider travelling abroad with only a carry on. It will not only save you $25 + per checked bag every time you travel, it will also save a lot of time that you won’t have to wait retrieving that bag from the luggage carousel.

If you plan ahead you should be able to save a few hundred dollars! So enjoy that special spa day or fancy night out-you earned it.


photo: iStock

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