Amazing DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is always an exciting time to show your creative skills in dressing up as your favourite character. With a clever idea, skilled hands and an imaginative eye, you can transform any piece of garment into a fun costume. If you’re the savvy type who prefers crafting your own costume, here are a few winning DIY ideas which will help you put together your perfect All Hallows’ Eve look and impress everyone at that Halloween party on your social calendar.

rosie riveter

Photo: rubyjaames on Instagram

1) Rosie the Riveter: Make a social statement this Halloween by dressing up as the iconic figure Rosie the Riveter from the WWII era. To get this look, wear a high-waisted dark-washed denim and pair it with a short-sleeved collared chambray shirt. Roll the sleeves up and cinch the shirt on your waist by loosely knotting the bottom hem of the shirt. Style your hair in tight marcel curls and tie it up in a red bandana for a retro pin up look. Complete the outfit by painting your lips cherry red. Strike your best pose in this chic denim on denim ensemble that will empower you all night long.


Photo: renata_bonato on Instagram 

2) Holly Golightly from Breakfast at Tiffany’s: Channel Audrey Hepburn’s old Hollywood glam in the classic 60s film Breakfast at Tiffany’s with this ensemble. Show your curves in a fitted black dress and accessorize with a pair of long formal black gloves. Add a touch of sparkle with a multi-strand pearl necklace and pearl studs. Wear your hair in a high chignon updo topped with a rhinestone tiara for a sophisticated look. Top it off with an extended cigarette holder. This elegant, classic ensemble will leave you looking as glamorous as Audrey herself.


Photo: studiodiy on Instagram

3) DIY Popcorn Costume: If you love snacking on popcorn then this costume is perfect for you. Get crafty with this creative DIY popcorn costume that is super easy and affordable to make. To create this outfit, crumple a stack of white computer paper into ball shapes to make the popcorn. Then unevenly spray paint a few patches on each crumpled paper with yellow paint for a buttery effect. Once the paint dries, stick the popcorn pieces on to a plain white crop top with hot glue. Layer this on top of a red and white striped dress to finish the look. This fun getup will have others craving for your attention.


Photo: jessicamaybracken on Instagram

4) Flapper Girl: Look stylish this Halloween in an elegant 1920s inspired vintage flapper costume. This blush pink dress creates a delicate and feminine aesthetic with its sweet pastel tone. Look for a dress with detailed beading and gold embellishments and drape over a cream sheer lace-embroidered wrap with fringed hems for a regal look. Accessorize with pearl jewellery and a metallic headband to step out in truly flapper fashion on All Hallows’ Eve.

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