Top New Authors You Need To Know Now


Several new authors release their first novel every year, but unfortunately not all of them are worth your time to read. There are however plenty that you should be reading, and anticipating their new work in the years to come. Here are our favourites.

In March of this year, Nina Maclaughlin released her first novel called Hammer Head: The Making Of A Carpenter. In it she tells her story about leaving a desk job behind and becoming a carpenter, even though she knew nothing about the male-dominated trade. It’s a story about enjoying what you do for a career, and using to help you find meaning in your life. We hope there is more where this story came from.

Bethany Chase’s debut came in the form of her March release The One That Got Away. It’s a romance story about woman whose long-term boyfriend leaves town for awhile on assignment, and the ex-flame that re-enters her life at almost the same time. Both humourous and heart-breaking, Chase will remind you of Nicholas Sparks, and yet manages to have her own refreshing voice.

Thriller and horror fans will be glad to discover Brendan Duffy’s debut novel House of Echoes. This modern haunted house story will keep you up at night reading until you get the end. This novel is definitely not for the faint of heart.

There really aren’t enough novels set in late 1800’s New York, but that’s exactly where Leslie Parry’s Church Of Marvels is set. Stranger’s lives become entwined in Coney Island and the Lower East side of New York, in ways that none of them could ever expect.

Tracey O’Neill’s debut novel The Hopeful is about a sixteen year old Olympic figure skating hopeful whose life is turned upside down after a tragic fall ends her dreams. She becomes addicted to painkillers and ends up institutionalized, all of which tears her family apart.

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