FanExpo 2015 Makes A Splash In Toronto


FanExpo is back in Toronto, and like every year it continues to expand not only in size, but also in the amount of things there are to see and do. Each year it seems to be getting closer to being the Canadian equivalent of San Diego’s Comiccon, which in itself is quite a feat.

This year FanExpo takes over two whole floors of the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. In the North building you’ll be able to find the Science Fiction and Horror sections of the event, as well as all the celebrity signings, whereas in the South building you will find the gaming, comics, and anime portion of the event.

For the Science Fiction area, you will be able to get your photos taken with Stormtroopers, sit on the Emperors throne from Return of the Jedi, meet the Ontario Ghostbusters, and even check out some impressive props from Dr. Who. And of course you can’t forget all the vendors selling you all sorts of cool collectibles. The horror area has grown in size from previous years, and fans can not only get themselves made-up to look like their favourite creepy crawlies, but aspiring authors can talk to publishers about what they need to do to take their writing to the next level. Horror movie production companies Anchor Bay and Troma Films are on hand showcasing their latest movies, and if you can stomach it, you can even watch some performance artists try to shock you. For instance during last night’s show a pair were breaking bottles on stage, and stepping and jumping on the shards of glass, not to mention lying on them.


In the south building the crowds were thicker, as comic book fans tried to get autographs and purchase original drawings from their favourite artists. eOne was on hand as well, giving Hunger Games Fans the chance to sit on President Snow’s white chair, or chat with a bar keep in a recreation of the set from Quintin Tarantino’s latest upcoming project, the Hateful Eight. There were several areas for video game fans to try the latest and upcoming games and devices from Nintendo, Microsoft and Playstation (including a cool virtual reality headset that takes you into the game). And again, you also have the chance to buy your favourite memorabilia and toys.

The thing that continues to impress about FanExpo is how smoothly everything runs, and how friendly everyone is. It’s crowded, but people are polite when they squeeze past you, and everyone is willing to talk to you and answer any questions you might have. And if you think the event is only for geeks, nerds, and young people, think again. All kinds of people show up to the event, from the very young to the old, men and woman. Really FanExpo is about having fun and enjoying yourself,

The FanExpo in Toronto continues all weekend at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. Hours are Friday and Saturday 10-7, and Sunday 10-5.


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