Check Out The Craziest Pics From The Rich Kids Of Instagram

Instagram is a place for many things. Businesses use it to display their latest products, celebrities use it to keep in touch with their fans and let them know what they are up to, and the average Joe uses it to show cool things that they just happen to see or show people what they are eating. There is one group though that seems to exist on Instagram for only one reason, to brag about how rich they are.

The Rich Kids Of Instagram has over 100,000 followers, and over 200 photos. Each picture on the account has a golden frame around it, and displays some sort of activity that requires money like eating caviar, drinking champagne, or posing on their expensive cars. Some might call it bragging, but it could be that these kids are just posting pictures like every one else. After all, social media exists for people to talk about their lives, and this just happens to be the lives these kids are living. What do you think?

Here are the 10 craziest pictures from their Instagram Account.


Rich Kids Gallery

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This picture says it all. A Lamborghini and a horse. The photo was captioned "Such a gorgeous day. We’re out at the farm and riding Lyric! He approves of the new ride."

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