Top 5 Canadian Camping Destinations


Typically most campgrounds in Canada don’t open until the May 2-4 weekend, and now that that holiday is in our rear view mirror we can finally start planning out our summer camping activities. Whether you enjoy camping for relaxation, exploration or simply a way to spend some quality time with your family, there are several nice campgrounds across the country. Here are our favourites.

British Columbia is perhaps one of the best places in all of Canada to go camping. After all almost anywhere you pick has the great scenery of the Canadian Rockies to look at. There are campgrounds scattered all over the mountains, which can making choosing your favourite difficult. That’s why we chose one that lies along the Pacific Ocean instead, because really nothing beats going to sleep at night listening to the sounds of the waves hitting the shoreline. The Green Point Campground is located on a ledge above the Long Beach in Pacific Rim 
National Park, B.C.. The beach is 22 kilometres long, which is perfect to walk along. The water itself is a little too cool to swim in, but surfers enjoy going in to hit the waves anyway. And the best part, grey whales call the waters offshore home in the summer.

If you are looking for one of the highest places to go camping (that you can drive to, and not have to hike to get to) then you might want to check out the Columbia Icefield Campground in Jasper 
Alberta. You’ll spend your night in a tent over 2,000 metres above sea level, and during the day you can spend your time hiking around the world famous fractured tongue of the Athabasca Glacier, while marveling at the snowy 11,000-foot summits.

Have you ever been to the “Roof of Ontario”? That’s the nickname Killarney Provincial 
Park in Ontario has earned. It’s located five hours north of Toronto, and is famous for canoeing, hiking and kayaking. While you are up there, you can spend the night at the George Lake Campground. You’ll enjoy the quartzite hills, the pine trees and the blue lakes of the area. And for the record, you can get some of the best fish and chips in Ontario in Killarney.

Quebec also has some great scenic areas you can camp at, and one of the best is located in Forillon National
 Park.  Cap-Bon-Ami Campground is one of the most scenic areas in the entire province, and there are plenty of activities for the whole family, including beach hiking, kayaking, mountain biking, fishing, scuba diving, and even whale watching.  Of course you could always just curl up with a good book and enjoy the fresh air away from the city.

On the east coast of Canada you will find Cavendish Campground in Prince
Park. This national park is one of the oldest in Canada, and sits near the Atlantic Ocean. There aren’t a lot of trees, but there are several trails you can explore, and unlike the Green Point Campground in B.C. that we previously mentioned, the water here is actually warm. There is also a nine kilometre path between Cavendish and North Rustico where cyclists and rollerbladers can take a spin.

Photo: Justin Kopp on Wikipedia


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