Vancouver’s Top Parks To Visit Now


If you are heading to Vancouver for a visit and want to check out some of the amazing parks you can find in the city, you can get lost pretty easily. After all some of the most beautiful parks exist in the west coast city. Toy help make your life a little easier, we’ve picked our favorites.

Really, the first park you will hear about in Vancouver, or discover by browsing online, is Stanley Park. It’s a 1,001-acre public park that borders the downtown of Vancouver and is almost entirely surrounded by Vancouver Harbour and English Bay. This densely forested park is perfect for hiking, but you will also find several attractions within, including a golf course, a world class aquarium and a miniature train. Considered to be one of, if not the top, park in the entire world, Stanley Park has a long history, and was named after Lord Stanley, the same man the NHL hockey world’s Stanley Cup is named after.

John Hendry Park is also know as Trout Lake, due to the large lake in the centre of it. Located in East Vancouver, this park is one of the best parks in Vancouver for dogs and kids. There are several trails for walking, biking, and even an off-leash dog park near the beach. There us a playground for the kids, including baseball fields, tennis courts, and an ice rink that Olympic atheletes used to train during the 2010 Winter Games.

If you are looking for something a little quieter and less touristy, then you might want to consider Lynn Canyon Park in North Vancouver. You’ll find that the locals love the area, and consider it one of the hidden gems of the city. There is a free suspension bridge located in the park, and plenty of areas for hiking and walking. There is even a natural swimming pool close to a waterfall. Several TV shows have used the location to film tv shows, due to the natural beauty of the location.

For beautiful gardens, and an incredible view of downtown Vancouver, you’ll definitely want to visit Queen Elizabeth Park. The park is located in the heart of Vancouver, and it is also the highest point in the city. The park boasts an arboretum, the Celebration Pavilion, the Bloedel Floral Conservatory and the Quarry Gardens which is almost in bloom year-round. You will also find the dancing fountains at the top of the park, as well as tennis courts, the pitch and putt golf course and a lawn bowling club.

Photo: Kkmd on Wikipedia

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