Pack Your Suitcase Properly With These Tips

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Admit it, when it comes to getting ready for your vacation the thing you are the worst at is packing your suitcase for the trip? Not only do you wait for the last second, but you also just throw it all in and just hope you can close it tight. To make your packing adventure less hectic and more efficient, we’ve put together this list of steps you should follow.

1. First and foremost, don’t wait until the last second to pack. Take some time to think about what you really need to take with you, and what you can leave behind. A lot of people tend to over pack, and bring lots of things they could just leave at home. Bring things that can be used in a couple of different ways to save space. For instance, track pants or yoga pants can double as pajamas bottoms, and for guys, swim trunks can double as shorts. When it comes to shoes, think three. Wear a one and pack two of them. As for which to bring, one should be casual like a¬†sandal or loafer, one should be a sneaker, and the last an evening shoe. Pick varying styles that will match the clothes you are packing.

2. Decide whether you need to roll your garments or fold them. Folded clothes don’t wrinkle as easily, but they take up way more space. Whereas rolling can wrinkle your clothes, but save you space. So what do you do? How about both? Knits, wools and cottens and other soft, wrinkle resistant materials can be rolled up. Make sure the roll is tight though, because if they aren’t, they can still wrinkle. Collared shirts and dressier garments should always be folded.

3. When you put your items into the suitcase, make sure the suitcase it laying flat on it’s back, and fully opened. Then start to layer your items, with the rolled items on the bottom (to prevent the rolls from coming undone) and the folded items on the top. Shoes that are to be packed can be on the bottom layer as well, and stuffed as full of socks as you can manage.

4. Look for nooks and crannies throughout your bag. This is where you will place all your smaller items, like the socks that couldn’t fit in your shoes, and your under garments. This is also a perfect place to pack your belts.

5. If you are packing a fragile item in your bags, put it in the centre of your bag, between the rolled and folded layers. This will give it added protection.

6. The vary top layer should be your toiletry bag, because odds are when you reach your destination it will be the first thing you hunt for.

7. Close your lid, and get ready to travel.

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