New Don’t Miss Novels Released This June


A wide variety of new novels is released this June, from the queen of suspense, to a writer who has taken 17 years between adult novels, to a new horror novel by the best in the business. We’re looking forward to quite a few of these books, including those listed below.

The Santangelos – Jackie Collins– June 16. Legendary author Jackie Collins is back with this novel that follows a Kennedyesque family and is full of love, lust, revenge and passion.

Finder’s Keepers – Stephen King – June 2. While it’s true that Stephen King hasn’t released a truly scary novel in quite some time, he returns to a theme similar to his terrifying novel Misery. In this one a vengeful killer comes after a family who find a long lost manuscript of his favourite author.

The Melody Lingers On – Mary Higgins Clark – June 23. The Queen of Suspense returns with this novel about a missing financier, missing billions, and a mystery surrounding it all. Did the financier commit suicide, or simply vanish without a trace? A re-decorator puts her and her daughters life in jeopardy as she tries to find out the answers.

The Rumor – Elin Hilderbrand – June 16. Hilderbrand’s novels are typically considered to be great summer reads, and this one is no different. A writer with writer’s block, and her best friend on the verge of changing her life are the talk of the town, but the truth might just be worse than the gossip.

Dead Ice – Laurell K. Hamilton – June 9. It’s only a matter of time before Laurell K. Hamilton’s vampire killer Anita Blake gets her own tv show or movie, so you might want to catch up on the series before they are all spoiled on you. In this one Anita tackles voodoo created zombies.

In The Unlikely Event – Judy Blume – June 2. Three plane crashes between 1951 and 1952 are the inspiration for this adult novel by Judy Blume, who waited 17 yeas between adult novels. It traces the effects these plane crashes had on three generations of friends, families and strangers.

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