6 Steps To Get The House Ready Before Going On Vacation


Going on vacation means you finally get that time to relax and unwind, not to mention step away from work. The last thing you need upon returning is to find out that something went wrong when you were away and you end up having to fix a mess you left behind. In the days leading up to a vacation you need to do several things to make sure your house is well taken care of when you are gone, so that when you come home, you can continue relaxing until you head back to work.

One thing criminals looks for before breaking into a house are clues that no one is home, and there is no bigger clue than seeing a mail box full of unread newspapers and mail. You can prevent that by contacting your newspaper delivery person and telling them to stop your service while you are gone, and by contacting the post office and having them hold your mail. Another option of course is to talk to a neighbour and ask them to pick up your mail for your while you are gone.  Just make sure you bring them back something nice if you do.

Another thing to prevent criminals from breaking into your house is to set up a light timer. Dark houses generally mean people aren’t home, and they stand out in neighbourhoods. Buy a timer, attach it to a light in a main room in your house, and let it light up nightly. You can also have a motion sensor attached to your front door light so if someone comes by in the night, they will be lit up immediately.

When you are home you can notice pretty quickly when your lawn needs to be mowed, but you might not think about it so much when you are away. Make sure to mow it the day before you go, and if you are going to be away longer than a week, get a neighbour or family member to drop by and do it while you are away.

Before going away, always make sure to take out your garbage and put it in an outside bin. There is nothing more revolting than returning home to a stinky house. this also includes cleaning out your fridge before hand to get rid of any food that will go bad.

No matter where you go, you should always leave emergency contact information with your friends, families, and a trusted neighbour. If a neighbour doesn’t know you are gone, they may not think anything of someone coming to your house that they don’t recognize. You can bet they will react pretty quickly on the other hand if they know you are not around though.

You can also save yourself some money and conserve some energy while you are gone. Program your thermostat to be what you’d program it to when you are at work. Also unplug small appliances such as coffee makers, toasters, and espresso machines, to keep them from drawing energy when it’s not needed. Water Heaters can also be set to vacation mode, or turned to a lower setting, after all they are constantly heating water, even if you don’t use it.

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