Bohemian Decor Inspiration For Your Bathroom


Bohemian style isn’t just limited to your wardrobe. Bring that bohemian vibe to your home by redecorating your bathroom with a style that is contemporary and free spirited. The overall theme of your home should reflect your own personality and style. Lovers of the Bohemian style are typically associated with loose chiffon and a flowy feel.

This Indian inspired décor is sure to be an eye opener for house guests as well as a different sort of ambiance for you. This look is unique, tasteful and exploding with colour. It also strays away from the typical bathroom image and encourages you to be bold and different!

Here’s how to achieve that exquisite look and stunning atmosphere.

  • Start off by painting the bathroom walls with a deep maroon or dark magenta and accent the colour by placing unique and multi-printed curtains. Mix textures by adding a wooden table to complement tiling alongside paneling.
  • Swap out the plain old toothbrush holder for a patterned one with gold or bronze accents. Embrace the vintage effect and hang a funky vintage mirror.
  • Hang a beaded curtain in the entrance of the bathroom in colours that will best complement the walls and holders.
  • Continue to accessorize by adding boldly patterned towels and various plants.
  • Add a ton of contemporary art by hanging a variety of paintings that best reflect the overall bohemian theme and give off a sanctuary feel.
  • Add colourful and gorgeous light fixtures or Moroccan style lanterns to tie the look together.

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