Pretty Centrepiece Bowls To Get Now

If your lonely dining room table is craving a decorative touch, a centrepiece bowl is an instant highlight which will add colour to your next dinner party. Whether you’re a minimalist who is seeking simple finishing touches or a décor diva in search of a bold glass vessel, here are a few gorgeous centrepiece bowls to try now.


1) POETIC WANDERLUST Tracy Porter® For Poetic Wanderlust® ‘Rose Bohème- Phoenix’ Centerpiece Bowl, $92: For anyone who is bored of clear glass and classic design, this peacock inspired bowl may be your solution. The bright red, green, violet and blue colour scheme brings the shades of the rainbow to mind. Meanwhile, the fierce and flamboyant bird can bring a winning touch to basic wood surfaces.


2) Lenox Gifts, Organics Colored Low Wave Crystal Bowl 10″, $101: The wavy, ruffled style of this bowl makes it a fun centrepiece to display when you host your next fête. Of course, you may want to keep the chips out of this delicate crystal creation, which captures the pastel trend with its vibrant amethyst colour.


3) Annieglass “Seafood Watch” Bowl, 12″, $113: With spring 2015 marking the trend of refreshing aqua shades for home décor, this ultramarine blue bowl can add colour to your space. The bowl, with its undersea inspired aesthetic, is created by San Francisco-based designer Annie Morhauser.


4) kate spade new york ‘gardner street’ crystal bowl, $164: This deep yet dainty crystal bowl is a smart choice for an understated touch. The floral vine detail adds visual interest, while the simple and clear design is perfect for accessorizing. Try arranging this bowl with striking white candles or cream table linens for chic table décor.


5) Kosta Boda Tattoo Large Glass Bowl, $238: While it may have an edgy look with its dark red hue and vampy floral design, this decorative bowl is actually detailed with eco-friendly paint. Place this tattoo inspired glass bowl on a dark oak table, or showcase it in a white living room for a contrasting touch.

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