Top Furniture and Décor Ideas For A Small Space


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Whether it’s a sleek glass coffee table or a bold new mirror on the wall, the perfect finishing touch to your décor can help you add a comforting vibe to a cramped apartment. Here are our top ideas to furnish your small space in style this winter.

1) Embrace a glass coffee table for the illusion of a spacious room: If that magnificent cherry wood coffee table is stealing an unnecessary amount of space in your living room, try adding a glass coffee table instead. With a dainty look and a modern edge, a glass table offers a clear surface and the idea of a bigger space.

 2) Look for smaller furniture pieces to flatter a small living room: If you’re aiming for an inviting room with seating space, choose your furnishings carefully. An extravagant leather couch will quickly become an oversized statement piece, while a compact armchair or stylish ottoman makes a better solution.

 3) Illuminate your home with cozy lamps for a hint of brightness: Both natural light and the brightening touch from a chic lamp can offer your home the impression of extra space. If your rooms lack sunlight, apartmenttherapy.com recommends using delicate wall lamps to instantly lighten a dull or dreary room.


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 4) Revamp a cluttered layout with a hanging wall shelf in a snowy white shade: While you may not be able to squeeze in a vintage coat rack or that antique bookshelf which would make the local library jealous, you can always accommodate a hanging shelf. Try adding a shelf in a creamy or snowy white shade, to allow the room to appear clean and uncluttered.

 5) Add mirrors to create an open and welcoming atmosphere: Try hanging a decorative round mirror on the wall or embellishing your crowded space with a full-length mirror placed behind a table. A perfectly placed mirror will open up the room, by reflecting light and bringing an illuminated glow. To make use of the brief wintertime hours of natural daylight, place a mirror near a living room or bedroom window.


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 6) Consider using curtains in soft shades to bring a touch hint of light: Those gorgeous drapes in a rich marsala shade may scream “Pantone Colour of the Year”, but they’re hardly adding to your home décor if they’re cramping your space and your style! Decorate your windows with flowing curtains in neutral shades, like off-whites or pretty pale greys, to balance out a tiny room.

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