How To Decorate With White


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While those stark white walls and creamy sofa may be an overwhelming décor statement on their own, decorating your space with white can quickly bring a snowy touch to a bold room. Whether you plan to embrace new linens or freshen a vivid living room with white furnishings, here are a few top ways to decorate your home with white this winter.


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1) Combine your cream linens with soft lavender pillows: Embrace an instant bedroom makeover this winter, by pairing cream-coloured bed linens with pretty oversized pillows in soft lavender shades. The natural combination of these two hues is an inviting colour palette, which is also perfect for putting you into a springtime mood.

2) Use touches of wood to bring warmth to a room with white walls: If your walls feel as icy as the temperature outside, try bringing wooden furniture or accents into your chilling space. CountryLiving.com recommends adding cheerful wooden touches to bring your white space to life, and offer it a bit of warmth. From classic dark hardwood floors to a modern cherry wood coffee table, the combination of white paint and elegant wood is a winning solution.


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3) Add a vase of white flowers to balance out a bright space: Your magenta accent wall may be a loud statement on its own, but it can always be toned down with a bouquet of gentle white blooms. Add a winter floral arrangement of white lilies, roses or chrysanthemums to your colourful space for a sweet finishing touch.

4) Create a charming space with ivory and berry tones: For décor addicts who are taking baby steps toward adding white to their homes, a subtle shade of ivory is a fresh start. Keep colour in the picture by adding a light berry-toned throw cushion to an ivory couch, or pair breezy ivory curtains with a deep berry accent wall.


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 5) Update your living room with striking white furniture: If you’re tired of that stained beige couch or ancient green armchair, add instant life to a dark and dreary living room with hints of white furniture. From sleek leather sofas to frosty white ottomans and ultra-modern coffee tables, the decorating options are endless.

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