Best Décor Projects To Tackle This Winter

While a major home renovation may be out of your budget for 2015, you can still update your space in style with bold decorative touches and pops of colour. From crafting a simple DIY throw pillow for your living room to revamping your walls with an edgy hanging vase, here are a few top décor projects to try this winter.


Photo: Online Fabric Store (@OnlineFabric) on Twitter

1) Brighten your space with a vibrant DIY pillow: If those tired beige cushions have seen their day, bring your space into the new year with a vivid decorative throw pillow. Try adding bold hints of fringe, faux gems, ribbon or fabric paint for a finishing touch on that plain pillow. For a personalized effect, Better Homes and Gardens recommends embellishing a pillow with initials in colourful wool felt.


Photo: midwestliving.com on Pinterest

 2) Paint a lampshade for a striking updated look: As we settle into short days and fleeting hours of daylight, a perfect inviting lamp offers a hint of warmth. Update a white vintage lampshade with a coat of paint in soothing green, sky blue or another pastel hue. To keep your new lamp looking edgy, add an abstract print, polka dots or bold stripes.


Photo: Chairish (@Chairish) on Twitter

3) Transform a wall into a stunning display of decorative plates: Give your neutral off-white wall a winter makeover by adding dainty plates as trendy touches. Use a combination of tiny delicate saucers, funky ceramic dishes and elegant glass for an eye-catching look. If that set of china plates is far too pretty to use in the kitchen, creating an alluring wall display may be your best bet. Before hanging up your display, Houzz.com recommends using sheets of newspaper to gently trace each plate and use as a template.


Photo: Wall Clocks UK (@WallClocksUK) on Twitter via Sunset.com

4) Bring fresh blooms into your living room with a trendy wall vase: While the January wind and chill may be keeping your dreams of summer far from reality, this hanging wall vase from Sunset.com can transport gorgeous florals into your space. Here’s what you need:

Picture mat with a window and a shadow box (or wall cube)

Ruler, box cutter, cardboard and fabric or colourful paper (for a decorative touch)

Glue stick and tape

A drill, level, screwdriver and floral pin frog ( to hold your masterpiece in place)

A deep saucer and a turkey baster, which will be used to water your blooms


After placing the mat facing down, add the box or cube and gently trace the inside.

Add the fabric or paper, gluing it in place into your box

Find a perfect spot in your home and safely drill your new creation in place. Next, add the mat, saucer and frog into the box.

To keep your blooms fresh, Sunset.com recommends adding water about two-thirds of the way into your saucer, with the help of the turkey baster. Add your florals and enjoy a quick indoor trip to a summertime garden, despite the snowy sidewalks.

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