10 Tips For Organizing Your Home After The Holidays

With the endless entertaining and sumptuous feasts of the holiday season now a fading memory, it’s time to officially start re-organizing your space after bidding farewell to your guests. From placing precious decorations on a shelf to storing fancy table linens, here are ten helpful tips for getting your home back into it usual shape.


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1) Invest in a couple of storage bins: After all, a cluttered basement or living room is essentially a recipe for disaster when the season of spring cleaning eventually approaches. Save yourself from stress by buying a couple of plastic storage bins now, and storing holiday décor essentials in these containers.

2) Add a shelf to keep those treasured ornaments in place: If you’re worried about losing track of your Christmas ornaments, try adding a small shelf to your basement to keep track of these precious baubles. This way, the next holiday season won’t inspire a frenzy to search for those glittering tree decorations.

 3) Wrap up decorative wreaths in plastic: According to Style At Home, organizing your festive wreaths in clear plastic is a great suggestion for a post-holiday cleaning spree at home. Your favourite wreaths will stay in perfect shape, which means buying able to save some cash on replacing these festive staples in the coming year.


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 4) Organize a clothing drive to make wardrobe space: If Santa left you with armfuls of cashmere sweaters, endless knots of infinity scarves and those leather boots which you’ve been eyeing all season, it may be time to revamp your closet. Consider organizing a clothing drive for charity, and encouraging your fellow fashionistas to donate warm weather essentials to a great cause. This way, you’ll also have space to update your spring wardrobe and stay organized all year long.

5) Sort and save gift wrap which is in good condition: We all know that the holidays often leave us with endless gift bags, abandoned ribbons and scraps of colourful tissue paper. While some of these may be beyond destroyed after being eagerly unwrapping, a few of them can be re-used. Save any wrapping paper which is in good condition for next year, by carefully folding it and placing it in a box.


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6) Try sanitizing your countertops for a fresh start: If lipstick-stained wine glasses and half-drained mugs of hot chocolate have made a happy home on your countertop over the past few weeks, it’s definitely time for a new beginning. Sanitize your countertops with a new sponge to fight the dangers of cold and flu season, and prepare your home for 2015.

 7Store holiday cards in a decorative tin to make space on your desk: While there’s no need to recycle that thoughtful Christmas card from your best friend or heartfelt letter from your grandma, greeting cards can quickly litter a home office. Use a festive cookie tin to store all of this season’s cards, and have your workspace back again.

 8) Place your Christmas lights on a coat hanger or cardboard sheet to avoid tangles: Avoid the dangers of twisted lighting and flaring tempers by storing your twinkling Christmas lights in style. A wide plastic coat hanger or flat cardboard sheet will allow you to neatly pack up your holiday spirit.

 9) Give your fridge the ultimate detox to make room for new nutritious delights: With half-eaten boxes of chocolate, desserts on the brink of expiration and appetizers which have seen their days, it’s safe to say that a fridge in January is not a pretty sight. For anyone aiming for a health food detox this month, cleansing your fridge of aging sweets can make room for fresh organic produce instead.


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 10) Gently cover your linen tablecloths and napkins in plain tissue paper: Whether you plan to store your fine linens in a wooden closet or a special storage box, wrapping tablecloths or napkins in plain tissue can keep them looking pristine. Be sure to store them in acid-free tissue, and not glittery dyed red paper which will leave a bold mark behind!

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