Top Décor Trends of 2015


Photo: THICKWITH (@THICK_WITH) on Twitter

With the new year here, 2015 calls for bright touches of Greek blue and gleaming pops of gold to update your space. If you’re planning a fabulous home makeover this year, we’ve gathered a round-up of the year’s most anticipated home décor trends.

1) Vintage décor: While it may be 2015, home décor trends this year are taking their inspiration from decades of the past. Couches and cushions in warm shades of olive green pay tribute to the 1960s, and bring inviting colour to a clean and crisp living room.

2) Vibrant shades of Greek blue: According to HouseBeautiful.com, the rich shade of Greek blue brings a touch of Mediterranean warmth into our homes for 2015. Add an accent wall to your neutral living room, or accessorize a creamy white kitchen with a coloured stool.

3) Gleaming pops of gold: Although silver and brass have always had their place at home, it’s the luxurious look of gold that is set to take over lighting fixtures and sinks this year. From gleaming gold faucets to dazzling chandeliers, this metallic shade is set to make a statement.

4) Animal-inspired cowhide: If you’ve been hoping for a countryside retreat, try adding a hint of cowhide to your urban apartment with a free-spirited rug. While we wouldn’t recommend wall-to-wall carpeting or re-painting every room to embrace this quaint trend, a subtle throw pillow in cowhide can go a long way.

5) Wild wallpaper: You may want to update your solid white walls with wallpaper in a busy pattern. From black and white statement walls to artsy abstract designs, the look of wallpaper is officially back in style. If you’re a daring décor fanatic, you’ll be pleased to know that these modern funky wallpapers for 2015 are definitely not for the wallflower.

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