Top Décor Trends of 2014


Photo: Olivia Jones (@OliviaJones59) on Twitter

Whether you’ve spent 2014 decorating your apartment with vintage pieces or completely revamping your new home, it’s been a vibrant year for décor. From luxurious metallic accents to alluring shades of blue, here’s Real Style’s guide to this past year’s top trends for accessorizing your space.

1) Gemstone touches on kitchen cabinets: This year, the humble kitchen cabinet was transformed into a treasure chest with pops of colour in jewel tones. From dazzling emeralds to alluring sapphire shades, cabinets were given the ultimate makeover. After all, an upgrade from the usual beige shades and tired neutrals is perfect for making your kitchen an appetizing space.

2) Vibrant accent walls and touches: With Pantone titling berry-toned Sangria as 2014’s Color of the Year, accent walls and accessories quickly made an appearance at home. From warm sangria walls in living rooms to floral print throw pillows and bold patterned rugs spread throughout the home, this year’s colour scheme was vivid and inviting

3) Metallic hints in simple dark rooms: For minimalists with a love of darker rooms and classic décor, this year brought a flawless finish with subtle metallics. Elegant hints of brass, bronze, silver and gold quickly found their way onto chandeliers and mirrors. A classic dark colour palette made these metallic details truly stand out in a room.

4) Wood in gorgeous honey hues: While we’ve always loved the luxurious look of dark cherry and oak woods, 2014 brought the trend of understated light-coloured wood to centre stage. Pale honey tones quickly took over the household, on everything from hardwood floors to kitchen bar stools.

5) Beautiful shades of blue: This past year has seen shades of cobalt, navy and sky blue become welcome additions to the brilliant colour palette at home. Whether this meant a fresh pop of sky blue on a bathroom wall or an eye-catching sofa in the living room, refreshing blues have added country charm to both paint and furniture

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