Stunning Holiday Bouquet Ideas


Photo: Conservatory Florist (@RipleyFlorist) on Twitter 

As you prepare to set up that towering Christmas tree and hang stockings by the fireplace, make sure you also update your floral arrangements at home to keep up with the season of joy and gift-giving. After all, those drooping blooms from Thanksgiving are hardly a welcoming sight for holiday guests. Here’s our guide to creating a gorgeous holiday bouquet this season:

1) Add vivid red berries to tulips: Try combining an array of orange and white tulips with small branches of dried red berries. The berries will add a burst of colour to the striking blooms, perfect for adding a holiday-ready touch to classic tulips.

2) Pair carnations and amaryllis for a winning combination: Punchy red carnations are a perfect seasonal touch to any bouquet, while understated white carnations can tone down the look of bright florals in a mixed bouquet. If you’re craving colour, add a dainty glass vase of pretty fuchsia carnations paired with white amaryllis.

3) Update an arrangement of poinsettias with holiday baubles: With their beautiful scarlet flowers and rich green leaves, poinsettias are a Christmas favourite. Update these traditional blooms with an arrangement of tiny silver ornaments, branches sprinkled with fake snow, or a gleaming golden garland.

4) Embrace the simple beauty of white and red roses: If you’re a fan of simple touches, red and white roses are the perfect floral statement. Arrange the roses in a decorative vase, wrapped in a shimmery bow to complete the look.

5) Use pinecones, touches of holly and metallic ribbon for a festive look: Take a break from sweet blossoms and dainty blooms with an edgy, festive arrangement instead. Add pinecones, dried berries and boughs of holly to a vase, and accessorize with metallic ribbon for a finishing touch.

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