Hot Address: Acqua Liana Eco-Mansion

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In 2009, Frank McKinney, a real estate artist and bestselling author built America’s first ever “green”-mansion. The eco-mansion in Manalapan, Florida sold for $22,900,000 and was the first mansion to be deemed completely environmentally friendly by multiple standards committees of the region.

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The inspiration behind the homes design comes from trips to exotic locations like Bali, Fiji, and Tahiti. The mansion is three storeys tall spanning 15,000-square-feet. It has seven bedrooms and 11 bathrooms. The interior of the home is where all of the magic happens. To just name a few of the amazing features, you will find a floating sun terrace, a waterfall spa with a fire feature and an arched aquarium wet bar.

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What makes this home green? Well it features enough solar panels to span the distance of a basketball court, and can generate enough energy to power two or three average-size homes. The home also has collects water from a run-off system. It collects enough water to fill a swimming pool every 14 days.

The name ‘Acqua Liana’ comes from Tahitian and Fijian words for “water flower.” Walk outside the home and you will see 1.6 acres of gardens and a magnificent view of the Atlantic Ocean from all different angles.

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To see a full tour of the eco-estate, take a look at the video below. Prepare to be left speechless, and in awe of the sheer beauty of the home.

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