Holiday Decorating: Centerpieces

BbSFvJACAAEeayxPhoto: Farmers’ Hub (@farmershub)

Centerpieces are a great addition to add to your design when decorating for the holiday season. Although centerpieces are beautiful to have they can get quite expensive, so why not create your own holiday. A great way to incorporate some creativity and interesting touches is by using foods you probably already have in your home. Here are some very simple, easy, and inexpensive holiday centerpieces that will make your home feel a little more like the holidays.

Cranberries: Cranberries are the perfect fruit to use when making centerpieces as you can use them in many ways. For this particular centerpiece you’re a going to need a serving dish. In the serving dish line up some votive Christmas colored candles, green, red, and white will do. Fill the rest of the dish with lots of cranberries and add a few pine twigs here and there. To finish this piece off dust with some artificial snow which will really tie the whole piece together.

Candy Canes: Candy canes are a staple treat to have during the holidays and they make a great design feature with centerpieces. Get a vase and with a hot glue gun glue on the candy canes around the whole vase. A rectangle or square vase would be the easiest to work with. Tie some red or any other holiday ribbon around the vase and create a bow and in the centre of the bow glue on a candy cane mint. Now all there is left to do is place whatever holiday flowers you want. Red carnations would look great with this piece.

Green Apples: Green apples are really just the perfect color to bring into your design for the holidays. In a tall clear jar or vase fill it with some green apples. To make this centerpiece a little more holiday, place some pine twigs as well as some small ornaments in various shades of green to make it more interesting. Alternatively, if you are not a fan of green apples you can use red apples if you like, with red ornaments.

Pears: Pears are a delicious fruit on it’s own or in desserts, but did you know they are a great addition to centerpieces? Get a few strands of evergreens and attach them together with some floral wire (you want your evergreen strand to be full) and then nestle in a few red pears. A nice little touch would be to write holiday sayings on the pears such as Joy to the World, Merry Christmas or Jingle All the Way. Add some pinecones and small silver ornaments to finish the look off.

Nuts: When the holidays roll around, chestnuts and walnuts are just some of the popular foods that are enjoyed. Get a plate (however big or small you want it) and with a hot glue gun glue on pine branches or boxwood branches around the edge of the plate and make it full so that it look like a wreath, so add on if you need to. Depending on how big your plate is place any pillar candle or candles of your choice in the middle. If you can fit more than one then do candles of different sizes. Then to fill any spaces, place any type of nuts you want, a mixture would be nice. Walnuts, hazelnuts, kumquats, cashews, and chestnuts are all great choices.

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